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Other actresses were tested for the role, with one, Liberty Williams, making it as far as filming the minute pilot scene with Penny Marshall. Through her job working in the laundrette, one of the meeting places for the show's characters, Lucy was always up to date with the comings and goings of Number 96 and was sometimes a recipient of gossip and rumour, even if Lucy herself never put much stock in such malicious banter.

Listen, what I don't know about cars you could fit in a manual.

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I'll be the foreigner. I've got better things to do than spend my time in the kitchen! I can't wait to see him tomorrow night!

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Laverne and shirley dating slump cast Laverne and shirley dating slump cast How to know if a girl likes you online dating Whats the point of dating yahoo Libra dating compatibility 32 With the entire regular cast aboard and the limited accommodation on the train and at the Logies, the producers decided that partners would not be allowed, and no exception was made for Abigail. Laverne, I'm telling you, flying is safer than driving!

You said, "Squiggy, true or false? So does my sister.

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Oh, well, he didn't go home. You'd look pretty stupid with my head! Yeah I knew you could. I'll have you know that cream puffs don't have bellies! I'm gonna make a good living.

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Oh, I like blankets, then we can all get under 'em! Anything but murder, mister.

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March 30, 10 "It's the Water". Well, maybe we should do something again sometime.

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Well, it could get hot in their kitchen. But what I really needed was Well, who knows, maybe a hundred years from now all that will have changed.

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I'm telling you Laverne, this whole thing is sick and morbid. We spoke with series co-creator Mark Rothman, who helped us uncover some things you might not know about the beloved sitcom. I always eat something when I'm nervous Shirley: Who else would buy it, DeFazio? There was also some bad behavior at times, particularly between the cast and the writers.

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Yes, but WE don't have to know them! Years later, cast members admitted that such sudden success went to a lot of heads and that a lot of the dissension behind the scenes was ego-related. You like girls, too, huh?